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A Word From The Author

Since its release, I have asked anyone who has purchased and read our book to write a review. As long or as short as they wish. I hope to include all reviews of our book in this section.

I am very grateful to everyone who has took the time to write a review for me.

We’d be delighted to hear what you think of the book and CDs. If you’d like to send a review, simply use the contact form at the bottom of this page.


Review by Ellie Price

What is so special about Raymond Daly & Derek Warfield’s book, is the way it…

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Review by Paddy

Book was a great read, brought back memories when I use to travel to games…

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Review by John Howells

Just an excellent read, full of detail of how the history of Ireland gave birth…

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Review by Danny McNulty

The momentous contents of this book should be read by all people who care about…

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Review by TAL Fanzine

This is part one of a two part review included in issue 44 of TAL…

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Review by Jonathon Cowlan

Ten years in the making and well worth the wait. A fascinating mix of history,…

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Review by Keith Young

Celtic’s very name was chosen wisely by Brother Walfrid, to give both Irish and Scottish…

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Review by David Lizotte

I’ve heard it said that if one really wants to know what happened in history,…

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Review by John Larkin

When I recieved the book, I was staggered at the volume of content in it.…

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Review by Dr. John R. Walker

In recent years there has been a debate about the appropriateness or otherwise of certain…

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Review by Joe Clark

Great book and well compiled by Raymond and Derek. It is a great book for…

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Review by Glasgow Programmes

Celtic & Ireland in Song and Story has an excellent focus on historical stories and songs…

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