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Review by Keith Young

Celtic’s very name was chosen wisely by Brother Walfrid, to give both Irish and Scottish identity forming an everlasting Celtic Family across the Irish Sea. For all families there is a sense of pride and tradition, particularly for Irish communities which is reflected in the unique musical heritage that proudly tells of it’s struggles and causes throughout history. This fiercely proud heritage has been wonderfully crafted together in “Celtic & Ireland in Song and Story”, a fabulous book compiled by Raymond Daly and Derek Warfield. This songbook covers many famous songs and ballads of Irish social and political history together with the songs of Celtic. Each song also has a full comprehensive background to the underlying story together with other important historical information. There are many famous pictures of Celtic and Irish hero’s and legends that complement this great read. This book is a must read for all Celtic Minded, a literary gem for any book collection.

Keith Young, Member Secretary, Bhoys Of Croydon Celtic Supporters Club

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