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Review by Fergal Toomey

“If you know the history” is a line from a well known song that is belted out by the Celtic supporters whenever they gather. But even if you think you do know the history of Celtic’s traditions and songs, this book is still packed with plenty to interest any Celtic supporter or in fact anyone interested in Irish history. For so much of what makes Celtic great is wrapped up in Ireland’s often tragic past.

The effort that was put into the research of songs and history by Raymond and Derek has really paid off and has left the reader with a valuable source of football and patriotic songs. It might be easy, or for some convenient to forget in these days of sanitised football just how much the songs of the old country meant to generations of Celtic fans. The book starts with the lyrics of plenty of old favourites and some newer ones, after this it goes into real detail from everything from heroes of Irish history to football to music.

Illustrated throughout, it serves as a great reference and a valuable addition to the Celtic library. Highly recommended.

Fergal Toomey, Mid-Leinster CSC

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